How to sell unused property when moving a house in India

As I mentioned in my previous articles, the best way to reduce your burden before leaving your current home is to donate or sell unused property when you move to a new home, especially in India. You can save yourself the hassle of packing and shipping, but also save on the bills of movers and packers for changing services. I would rather sell unused property and housewares and earn money to pay the bills, instead of taking the trouble to pack them and move them to my new home. Especially when I know that I do not need these objects in the near future.
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Selling old and unused items has become really easy after all major classified ad sites provide unparalleled service. They have even introduced into their applications and software features that allow you to determine the exact market price of these items based on the different comparison data they have, and they used that data to get those estimates. But few problems still arise; as most of the contacts you make with them may come from remote locations, and the cost of moving your items may be too high for them to buy your old goods.

You can also donate your unwanted goods to charities that will gladly accept them, and even get valuable tax deductions in the process, while helping a good cause. But if you want to make money with products that have a resale value, that's what I'm going to focus on:
  • Determine the cost of replacing your old hardware with a new one:
First, you should know how much it would cost you to replace the item you want to get rid of. You must also pay attention to the availability of the article, ie whether it is easy to get an article again or not. If you can not find the same article, look for reasonable and similar replacements and note the cost.
  • You can also compare their value in sales sites:
You must compare their values ​​before auctioning or selling them in order to have a clear idea of ​​their value after sale. You can do this by looking for similar products on different sales sites, note how much they ask for and then you can easily price these items. Also keep an eye on the number of people selling the item and the condition of the items sold.
  • Set a range for the "correct" selling price of items:
First, try to determine the price difference between the old and the new article. Observe if the item is widely available, new, but not available as used. You may be able to sell your item easily, as long as you sell it well.

If you analyze the fact that it is rare to find a new object, but that it is widely used (antiques vintage objects, usually a very old radio, a teapot, decorative objects, etc.). You are on a hotfix when you sell them, unless you are willing to compromise the selling price for everyone or if the condition of your item is better than most others.

The same is true if an article is easy to find both new and used. However, if your item is difficult to find both new and used but the selling price is high, you must have something extremely rare, then you can set its price accordingly. Therefore, evaluate the condition of the item you want to sell in relation to the sales ads you have viewed and set your price.
  • Do not go for the barter system:
People can offer other items in return for a particular item. Avoid this, remember that your original goal was to get rid of old products and not to recover old ones. I remember that during my childhood, people exchanged old worn clothes with utensils. Thus, my mother was left with many unwanted utensils. It was not a bad deal if you really needed it, otherwise you could give your clothes to poor people.
  • Online or local sale:
If you sell your goods online, you must then record the shipping and insurance costs for the items you sell. If you have a local to buy your things, then people can expect a nightclub
  • Garage or yard sale:
If you plan to sell them in a garage or garage sale, you could get better deals by selling them here. Here you can also catch the attention of many passing people who might be interested in buying your stuff. Just follow the basics while evaluating the things you want to erase from your home.

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